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The official logo of PP-14 represents the significance and goals of the Plenipotentiary Conference - a conference at which the world's leading decision-makers in ICT gather to discuss ICT policies and present a future ICT vision with the goal of creating a better world. The bright and vibrant colors in the design of the logo reflect our desire to make PP-14 a place of festival for ICT people all over the world.

English TYPE

English TYPE

Korean TYPE

Korean TYPE
Image Elements
Waves, conducting music, dynamism, ribbons, diversity, traditional Korean colors
Design Concept
The design represents information and telecommunications by employing a wave motif to signify radio waves.
Image Form
The logo employs the imagery of a conductor’s gestures to capture the essence of PP-14, representing the leadership and coordination of the world’s top ICT leaders who are gathering at the Plenipotentiary Conference to discuss global ICT policies and future visions.
Colors and Ribbons
The five traditional Korean colors (red, yellow, black, blue, green)* and ribbons are a representation of the ITU member states engaging in discussions and debates to decide on a unified policy.

* Black indicates the significance of the Plenipotentiary Conference and the potential of future technology; red, entrepreneurial spirit and passion; yellow, harmony and peace among participating countries; blue, mutual trust and growth; and green, hope and stability.

The traditional Korean colors are used to symbolize Korea"s leading role in the global ICT policy-making arena as the host country of PP-14.


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